When I saw this week was about infographics and data visualization I was immediately excited. Using and creating infographics is something that I really like to do and I do often in my lower elementary classroom, but they are something that I do not utilize as much outside of it for my personal benefit. Because of this, this week I decided to do a little bit of it for my class and a little bit for myself as well.

In My Classroom

My classroom has recently started a unit where we are exploring powerful storytelling. We are also participating in the Traveling Tale in 2 weeks time. In order to help my students better understand how to create a story, I plan to use this story mountain infographic I created this week on Canva that I adapted from Joel Bevans’ Travelling Tale Resources. I tried to add more visuals to represent each part so my students could latch on to those ideas a little better.

The benefit of this infographic is that it will really help my students to understand the parts of a story to prepare them for our individual writing and story creation within class. But, an added benefit is that it will also prepare us to understand our role, the resolution, to create our class story together for the Traveling Tale project.

Another infographic I am going to use in the next few weeks is to help my students understand the UN Sustainable Development Goal #2: Zero Hunger. This is the goal our Traveling Tale is based around. To teach it, I will use this one I found from the Global Goals website, along with a picture book related to the topic. I think this is a powerful visual that will help them to see how important this goal really is.

Personal Sketchnotes

When I attended 21CLHK last year I was introduced to Sketchnoting. After attending the session, I was immediately driven to try it out for my personal use. At first, I tried it when reading books but found it to be more time consuming for myself. But recently I tried it out again when listening to speakers at a school PD. I found that for this purpose it was very useful. It helped me to focus better on the speaker and also to remember the content better. It was also way more fun for me than the usual text note taking, and it made me more likely to go back and view them again. I will definitely continue to do this when I attend PD sessions in the future.

I tend to like writing on paper but my next step is to try taking Sketchnotes on the iPad using one of the apps suggested on this site. I have a feeling I will want to stick with paper and pens, but who knows!

Resume Facelift

The last task I did this week in regards to infographics on a personal level was give my resume a facelift. I have recently decided to apply for a transfer of position within my school so I thought this would be beneficial to do now since I will need to use it when I apply. I was also inspired to do this after reading this article that has examples of different dynamic visual resumes. On my new resume I created using Canva, I tried to remove a lot of the text and really focus on the things that were necessary to add, while upping the visual and color usage as well. Here is my old resume (personal information blacked out).

And here is the one with a facelift (personal information blacked out).

I would love to hear your thoughts on my new resume. What works? What doesn’t? Or anything else you might want to say about it. All constructive criticism is welcomed!

Featured Image by JuralMin on Pixabay