So I can’t believe that course 5 has already begun and my time in Coetail is coming to a close. I also can’t believe how fast this school year is going! This week was my first week back in my classroom after Chinese New Year break. Although it is a bit off topic here is an adorable video of my class performing for our CNY assembly with my youngest daughter introducing it. Gong xi fa cai!

As you can probably tell, right now my mind is just getting back into the swing of things, but I’m full of anticipation for my final project to begin as well. Unfortunately, I have to wait a few more weeks until that can happen, but until then I am prepping myself for what I will be doing with my classroom in the next few weeks.

My Final Project

In a previous blog post I explained my project in more detail, but here I will briefly explain it again. My final Coetail project is a Sharing The Planet Unit that is integrated with reading, writing, and science standards. In this unit the big goals for my students are that they will be completing 2 large technology based projects that show their learning about plants through non-fiction reading and writing.

Project 1-

Reading/Science/UOI: The first project my students will complete is a video teaching all they know and have learned about a plant topic of their choice. In order to accomplish this task, they will use all they know about reading non-fiction to find information about plants in books and other online sources. They will then present their findings to the class by creating a video of them teaching about it using the DoInk green screen app. After finishing their teaching video, they will then upload it to our class Seesaw page and to our connected class blog. I will then have other students in our classroom and those connected to our blog watch their videos and make comments about their learning.

Project 2-

Writing/Science/UOI:The second large project my students will complete for this unit is a video tutorial of how to perform a plant experiment that they have created themselves. Students will need to use all they know of the scientific process, plants, writing how-to lab reports, and creation of video tutorials to complete this task. They will create the video tutorial using the Shadowpuppet Edu app and then post it to our Seesaw class and connected blog to share it with the world. My hope is that others will then watch our tutorials and maybe even try to complete them so that they can get some comments on their posts to reflect on their learning.


My Big Hopes For My Students

I already have the BIG learning goals for my students based on the standards I will assess for this unit. But I also have a few of those that I personally hope my students will get a REALLY great understanding of along the way as well as a few non standard related goals as well.


-Knowledge and implementation of the scientific process

-Increased digital literacy understanding and research skills online

-Creating quality video tutorials using presentation skills

-Sharing and collaborating with others in person and online

-Learning how to use a variety of tech tools in deeper ways: Doink Greenscreen to present information, Padlet to curate sources, Popplet to organize and map thinking/observations, Shadowpuppet Edu for video tutorial creating.

-Digital Citizenship skills when creating video tutorials and commenting on others work

and most of all…. a love of learning!


How I Will Get There

Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

My plan to help this unit go as smoothly as possible is to follow my unit plan I created prior to this, but also be willing to be flexible to go off on tangents when necessary. Learning is like a railroad track that can often travel in different directions, but as long as it ends up where you want to be then no harm done. One of my biggest take-aways from all of my Coetail courses that I try to always keep in mind is that learning is to be front and center the whole time.  We should not just use tech for tech’s sake. If I keep this along with student agency at the forefront of my mind, there is no doubt that this unit will be an authentic, engaging learning experience for all.



Featured image created by me using photo by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash